Checklists go mobile.

Looks great on every device
  •   Simple Interface
  •   iPad and iPhone
  •   Cloud or Private Server
  •   Clinical Integration

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What can BluCheck do for you?

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Powerful Features

With BluCheck, take advantage of a host of great features. Go beyond what is possible on paper with:

  • Measurements and calculations
  • Integration with medical record systems
  • Cryptographic user verification
  • Hand Drawn Signatures
  • End-to-end encryption
  • Device management and tracking

  • Create checklists on-device or on a computer

  • Track data and schedule on the web

  • Push PDF to network drive or clinical servers

  • Centralize and verify

Even more features

Mobile, securely

Original vectors

Easy to use mobile application

Integrates with MDM and department servers

Secure Web Interface

On-device encryption

At-rest encryption on server

Transport Encryption

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Why Checklists?

Checklist in Practice

Complex tasks happen every day.

Avoidable failures occur when steps get missed. Tough procedures, urgent care, and even routine tasks all benefit from checklists. A simple method brings dramatic results and hospitals worldwide are turning to checklists to reduce errors and improve care. But even more is possible with a paperless, intelligent system that can think on its own.
BluCheck is that system.

BluCheck is a simple, secure, and feature-packed checklist system for your iPhone and iPad. Design, execute, and send off checklists to make sure important tasks get done right, the first time. Create beautiful PDFs or integrate with clinical document servers in healthcare through a BluCheck server.

About Us

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We are a mobile solutions company, working on exciting concepts in the healthcare space. Based in Atlanta, GA, we hope to optimize workflows, improve patient care, and quantify procedures through mobile applications in a variety of ways.

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